What Are The Best Tanning Tablets On the Market?

Many people would love to get a tan using the best tanning tablets. And why not, it’s a far safer option. For quite some time, the only way you could get a tan was either through the sun or through indoor tanning salons. All these options have many side effects. With cases of skin cancer as a result of exposure to UV light growing, many people are now looking for safer ways that give them the tan they need without necessarily exposing their skin to the UV light.Best Tanning Tablets

Well, the use of tanning tablets has been the go to option. It’s a simple solution really. Instead of spending hours under the sun or in the tanning bed, all you need is to take these tablets and you are good to go. But you will need a high-quality tablet for you to see any kind of results.

Here are some of the major tanning tablets in the market at the moment:

Beta Carotene

Beta Carotene is an active natural pigment that’s actually responsible for the color of many fruits and vegetables. Most notable, it’s the pigment found in carrots and pumpkins. If you eat foods that are high in Beta Carotene, the body will in fact convert it into Vitamin A. Vitamin A, as you know, is an important supplement in preventing premature aging.

It’s also responsible for cell reproduction and collagen production in the skin. There’s research that shows that creams that contain Beta Carotene can help prevent harmful UV rays from affecting your skin. The research has also shown that taking Beta Carotene tablets orally may add a yellow or orange color on your skin which could easily be a tan. What makes this product very ideal is just how natural it is and it’s likely that the side effects will be quite minimal.


Selenium is more of a solution to protect you from the harmful UV light as you get your tan from the sun. It’s possible to actually tan your skin naturally using the sun. However, you should reduce exposure to harmful UV light as much as possible. The idea of using Selenium while you bask under the sun can help you get a sun tan quicker without the risks of UV light. The product contains a lot of antioxidant which are also vital in reducing premature aging.Selenium

How to Buy Genuine Tanning Tablets

There are places online like Dark Lush where you can get information about tanning tablets and of course where you can buy them. However, in order to ensure that you are using a quality product that will work, it’s always advisable to buy products that have positive reviews from other users. These are basically tanning tablets that have been used by people and worked for them.

It’s possible to get a cool and beautiful tan using the best tanning tablets. Although the options above are some of the common ones, there are still many others out there.